Camppinus Park

Create your own version of rest

Camppinus Park is a modern complex of houses by the sea. We created a place we have always dreamed of – comfortable smart houses surrounded by nature. An intimate park among old trees attracts and encourages relaxation, and innovative technologies discreetly support everyday activities.

The form of our houses is clean and modern. The gable, eaveless roofs refer to the rural and fishing buildings of the area, and the glazed walls give the feeling of close contact with the surrounding nature. We extracted the deep blackness of natural wood using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method of tanning.

We are constantly fascinated by local traditions. Preserved unique architecture of the region has mostly shaped the vision of an ideal place for respite and rest. Saxon homesteads and solid half-timbered houses were a main inspiration for us. The barn in our area dates back to 1848, and we find an unusual bond between the place and its history.

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Camppinus Park

Total intimacy

We prefer guests over 16 years old

Outdoor swimming pool

We accept pets

Electric Vehicles

5 minutes to the sea


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